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A Comprehensive Guide On Everything You Should Know About Camera Hacking

A vulnerable security system is easy to hack and the stolen data and feed can be used in a number of destructive ways. The primary aim to install security cameras is asset protection. But if hacked, the same cameras can be misused to keep an eye on all your activities. And since the cases of camera hacking are increasing, learning about the ways to prevent hacking has become as important as having security cameras in the first place.

4 Ways To Ascertain That Your Security System Has Been Breached

Before you can get an idea about the ways in which you can protect your cameras from being hacked, you should have a basic idea about how to identify a hacked camera from a sober one.

  • A noisy security camera that starts changing its direction, angle, and focus on its own is surely being handled remotely to observe you.
  • When the security password of your camera changes to default, there’s no further arguing that the camera is hacked.
  • As soon as you realize that your camera is being logged in with unauthorized devices, it’s time to shut the system down and call experts for help.    
  • Anything out of order, like LED lights in your webcam going on and off without your involvement, should be taken seriously.

Preventive Measures To Avoid The Problem Of Camera Hacking

If you find out that your camera does take someone else’s command, you have to take the help of cybersecurity experts. But if your system is still clean, you can follow the tips below to make sure that your system is never compromised.

  • Visit powerful blogs and websites that give out tips on how to set a strong password. Since backdoor exploit is the first step to get into a security system, having a strong password prevents a forced entry easily.
  • Resist the urge to check phishing emails since they can have viruses that can secretly leak your data and expose your security system in front of wrong-doers.
  • Have your wifi password protected and make sure it’s strong in order to avoid router hacking that’s also an advanced method to gain unauthorized access to a security system.
  • Extra strength offered by firewalls and antiviruses make things easier for you and tougher for hackers.
  • Only a limited number of clean devices should be connected with your security camera.  

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