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Cloud Server Hosting – Busting 5 Popular Myths about It

Businesses that are growing prefer to walk on the tightrope of shared hosting for their websites. The topmost reasons that make them do so include an aim to be cost-effective and avoiding too much cash flow on overhead expenses. Apart from these, they operate with many other stereotyped beliefs. It hampers their growth even when they have the option to switch to a better alternative.

Well, the alternative is cloud server hosting, a form of virtual private network. It brings to your business the benefits of a dedicated server at the cost of shared hosting. Nevertheless, there’re a number of myths doing rounds when it comes to hosting on a cloud server.

Here, busting them one by one, and bringing to you the advantages this form of hosting comes with.

5 myths about hosting on cloud server busted

  1. Hosting a website here is a costly affair

Well, when virtual hosting started to take shape, its options were limited and involved high costs. Nevertheless, in the absence of physical servers, businesses could save on the extra costs of maintaining server hardware.

The introduction of hosting on cloud servers further reduced the cost. Servers like UK VPS are a perfect mix of shared and dedicated hosting options.

  1. You cannot wholly rely on them for database storage

People have always been apprehensive of accepting technology in its initial stage. So was the case with cloud servers. Critics could not come to terms with the fact that these servers were as efficient as the physical ones.

Hence, people doubted if they could rely on it for database storage and retrieval for their businesses. Nevertheless, today, both big and small companies are doing so efficiently. It has even simplified this process to a great extent.

  1. Only a technically sound person can go for it

Having a basic idea of cloud servers will never be harmful in hosting websites on a cloud server. However, you do not necessarily need to be a tech expert for the purpose as the hosting does not require upgrading or maintaining from your end.

The service provider is the one responsible for fixing any bugs on it or maintaining it. The owner doesn’t even need to do the most basic monitoring.

  1. Hosting a business website on a cloud server is not secure

It will be entirely untrue to say that a cloud server is not secure. As for shared servers, they still do run a risk of security due to the presence of different customers on the same server with their vulnerabilities.

However, when it comes to VPS, they have separate units for businesses with individual security solutions. It eliminates any risk of security threat at any level.

  1. All hosts are similar for the purpose

Many people reach out to the easiest available host for their websites. Nevertheless, it is important to note that they are all not the same. Some may have poor infrastructure while others may be loaded with overselling. You need to compare the prices and hardware compatibility to choose the best one for you.

There you are, with all common myths about hosting on cloud server busted. Now, with the clarity over facts, you can go for the best option without relying on unauthentic information.

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