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Keys to Print Photos and Achieve the Best Results

We will not forget that there is a whole secondary market with compatible inks, cheaper, and refillable cartridges. In many cases the inks are of poor quality (they last less, they are erased before, they dry, they block the print heads, or the print quality is worse) and there are manufacturers that detect and block them. Kiasuprint provides best printing services to its customer.  For more info about the company browse the site https://www.kiasuprint.com/common-company-seals-singapore/.

Other technical characteristics of a printer

All printers can be connected by USB cable to the computer, or with a LAN cable, but nowadays we also print from the mobile, the tablet and other wireless devices. Almost all new models accept to connect by, Wi-Fi Direct (direct connection by Wi-Fi between two devices without intermediate access point) and some also by Bluetooth. The advantage of Wi-Fi is that it has more range, so the printer can be further away. You leave it in a corner of the house or office, and print from anywhere, even at a distance, through the Internet.

The connection by Bluetooth offers a smaller range than Wi-Fi, but in exchange it is easier to connect with the mobile or tablet, and does not require an Internet connection.

The most modern models allow you to connect to cloud services to print documents without downloading them. Some are compatible with Drop box, Google Drive and similar, but they also have their own services in the cloud and offer free space to their users.

Card and USB reader

Some printers include an SD card reader. It is a good option to directly read documents and photos of smart phones, tablets, or the Nintendo Switch, for example.

It is also common to include a USB input to connect an external storage device: pen drive, hard drives, etc.

Better with screen and keyboard

Mandreel modern printers can work without the need for a computer. That’s why they have a screen that shows the status of the printer, and allows you to select the main functions. When buying a printer, if you are going to print a lot outside of the PC, it is convenient to buy a printer with a screen and, preferably, a touch screen and keyboard, in order to perform small editing tasks or personalization of the documents, before printing.

Processor and memory

  • Current printers are small computers that can work without a PC. So you should pay attention to the processor and the memory they use. This is not going to influence the quality of the printing, but in aspects such as the speed to process orders, or the ability to install apps and perform advanced functions.
  • It is much more important in laser printers, which print page by page (and therefore first have to generate it in memory) than in inkjet printers, which print line by line and only process small blocks of data.
  • Many printers do not include this information in their specifications, so you will have to search through websites or printer forums to discover them. The most economical ones usually have processors of one or two cores at 400 or 500 Mhz, and between 64 and 128 MB of RAM. Any data higher than that is an extra to consider.