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Tips on Choosing a Chicago Answering Service

There are many options when choosing a Chicago answering service and these tips can help you find the right one for your business needs.

Find a Company That Services Businesses Like Yours: If they serve similar companies, your Chicago answering service will have best practices and suggestions from being in the industry for so long. This means you won’t have to babysit them and bring them up to speed when they are handling your calls.

Look for Services and Packages Offered: Having the services you need is key. Things like appointment setting or call forwarding can be a great additional service offered. Take some time to understand the capabilities of the service, so that you can find one that will match your needs.

Look for Simple Pricing: Simple pricing does not mean cheap pricing. You get what you pay for and, when you are hiring a company to represent your business, you want it to be the best. Simple pricing means that the pricing structure is easy to interpret, is up front, and doesn’t have any surprises. You should be clear about fees, including set up fees and cancellation fees, and if there are any additional charges for after hours and holiday coverage. If it’s not clear and you aren’t getting straight answers, look somewhere else.

Ask about Staffing and Training: If you are hiring an answering service, don’t be afraid to ask about the people that are going to be answering the phone. Do the agents work in house or remotely? Are they trained in the specifics of your business? Can they handle any bilingual calls? Asking these questions will help ensure you get the right service.

Availability: Are your calls going to be answered even when your business is closed? What about backup procedures? If your answering service is experiencing down time, that means that your business is experiencing down time. Know what safeguards are in place, so you can be sure your businesses won’t suffer.

Ask about Handling Sensitive Data: If your business needs to be HIPAA compliant or handles sensitive data, make sure your answering service is able to meet those standards.

Ask about Reporting: Reporting can be a valuable tool for your business. Does your business require that you have an audit of everything that happened on the call and when it happened? If so, your answering service must be able to give you reports and have the information you need. It may also be worth asking if they can integrate with your existing software.

Check Reviews: Checking reviews shouldn’t be the only way you evaluate an answering service, but it can be helpful once you have done your research for these other issues. Companies with good reviews will likely give you better service. If there are bad reviews, does the company respond and make an effort to rectify the situation?

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