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What is SEO and How it Works?

A term that has become very popular in the online community in recent years is Search Engine Optimization. Frequently known as SEO, it is a combination of several techniques aimed at increasing traffic to a website. With e-commerce on the hike and the internet becoming a place for people to share their views, directing traffic to a website cannot be left entirely to chance. SEO is thus the process of optimizing the content of a website to increase the flow of traffic. It is highly probable that websites that find their way to the top of Google search results get the most audience. SEO Shark agency thus also emphasizes improving the ranking of the website, making it in accordance with the algorithms that search engines use.The search results displayed by search engines are based on the relevancy of their content as compared to what they offer. A certain combination of words in a content depict its relevancy to what the website provides. These word combinations are known as keywords and are an index used by various popular search engines. Thus SEO target to extract the most suitable keywords and positioning them correctly to improve the page ranking. Another indicator of a reliable website is the number of inbound links( references to it on another webpage) to it. References to a webpage on already popular websites indicate its reliability. Thus SEO also focuses on techniques to increase not only the number but also the quality of inbound links to a webpage. SEO can be categorized into two categories: onsite and offsite SEO. While onsite SEO focuses on improvising the content as per the algorithms of search engines, offsite SEO focuses on marketing techniques such as increasing inbounds to increase the ranking of the website.SEO is not just limited to a few countable techniques but consists of a wide domain of activities which are changing and evolving over time.

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